The Mighty Ride supports SOS Children’s Villages

While cycling across Sweden we raised awareness and donations for the Swedish National Fund for Children and Young People with Disabilities (RBU, Riksförbundet för Funktionshindrade Barn och Ungdomar; Both of us have relatives with disabilities and during our trip we didn’t only want to explore beautiful Sweden but even cycle for those who cannot do and for those who can do it but in a different way. In the end of our adventure we had collected over 13.000 Swedish Kronas (about 1.300 EUR) and made those children’s voice heard who should be more visible in our society.

Our new co-operation

Because our next target is the globe itself and because Sam has a personal connection to sponsoring child, we have chosen to support an international organisation working for the most vulnerable of all of us: children. SOS Children’s Villages is present in 137 countries and territories around the world and its mission is to ensure that every child grows up in safe and loving families so that they become independent adults who can support themselves and take care of their environment.

During our expedition we would like to explore the world and make it better.

Your donation goes directly to those SOS Children’s Villages where it is considered to be most needed.

Please visit our fundraising pages:


SOS Children’s Villages website:

(NEW) Distance-based sponsoring:

What is distance-based sponsoring?

For example, 0.5, 1, 5, etc. Swedish Crowns (SEK) per 10 km. (1 SEK = ~0.10 EUR, 1 SEK = ~0.10 USD, 1 SEK = ~0.15 AUD)

Your donation is made every time we hit 5 000 km (approx. once every 3-4 months). When it’s time you will receive all necessary information from us.

We estimate to hit key KM milestones in these places:

Stockholm to:
Budapest, Hungary: ~2 500 km
Istanbul, Turkey: ~5 000 km
Baku, Azerbaijan: ~7 500 km
Samarkand, Uzbekistan: ~10 000 km

We will present our cycling odometer when we hit these milestones through Instagram/Facebook (@themightyride) or alternatively you could follow us on Strava (

“We support SOS Children’s Villages”

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