Our Fundraising Project

Our visit to SOS Children’s Villages, Valmiera, Latvia

While exploring the world, we also want to contribute to making the world better for those who are most vulnerable: children.

Our charity of choice is SOS Children’s Villages, an international organization that is present in 136 countries and territories. It was founded in 1949 in Austria after WWII, where many children at that time were left without parents. Nowadays there are about 70,000 children and young adults in their care.

While we pedal through rain, snow, desert, remote areas, villages, and large cities, we want to raise awareness of our message to as many people as possible: that we believe every child should grow up in a safe and loving home. We think that SOS Children’s Villages does this in a constructive way, whether in preventing family breakdowns or children villages style care providing shelter and a mother, for example.

Here are three ways that you can support this project:

Distance-based sponsorship

Every kilometre that we cycle counts towards SOS Children’s Villages. You could make a tiny donation for every 10 km that we cycle.

For example: 0.5, 1, 5, etc. Swedish Crowns (SEK) per 10 km.

(1 SEK = ~0.10 EUR, 1 SEK = ~0.10 USD, 1 SEK = ~0.15 AUD)

Your donation is made periodically every time we hit 5 000 km (approx. once every 3-4 months). When it’s time you will receive all necessary information from us.

We estimate to hit key KM milestones in these places:

Stockholm, Sweden to:
Budapest, Hungary: ~2 500 km
Istanbul, Turkey: ~5 000 km
Baku, Azerbaijan: ~7 500 km
Samarkand, Uzbekistan: ~10 000 km

Be a distance-based donor by completing this Google form.

One-off donations

A one-time payment can be made directly to SOS Children’s Villages through a fundraiser page on their website. See it on this link.

Spread the word

Follow our journey through our social media channels or our media page and tell your friends and family about this project! See our channels below:

“Every big thing in our world only comes true, when somebody does more than he has to do.

Hermann Gmeiner, founder of SOS Children’s Villages

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