Who we are

Chasing adventures is about getting to know a world that you rarely find in books, newspapers, or magazines. We were inspired by other bike packers daring to leave their comfort zones and following their dreams. Now we are to start our own journey and we want to do it as sustainable as possible. We invite you to join us along the way!

Sam & Valentin / @themightyride

Valentin (in blue) and Sam (in red), Stockholm, Sweden, April 2019
Photo taken by Muzappar Dilxat © 2019 | @muzappar67 (Instagram)

Sam Calara

– Born in 1989 (almost a ’90s kid)
– A data nerd with an artistic flair
– Likes to test his endurance in long distance running, cycling, swimming and skiing (two times Swedish classic finisher)
– Voracious reader, I am starting to like listening to audio books instead of print
– Favorite food: Anchovies 😀
– Why biking? It makes you take the time to experience the places you are travelling in

Valentin Lazar

– Born in 1985
– Studied German language and literature for five years
– Prefers the remote Siberia for crowded New York
– Loves running outdoors even at -18 degrees Celsius
– Favorite food: Västerbottenspaj
– Why biking? Because it’s the cheapest, most adventurous, and sometimes the only possible way to explore fantastic places on our planet

If you want to remain normal in this world you must be crazy